• Vision and Mission


    Our vision for the future of our hospitals is 'working together to be the best for patients.'


    Our values

    We ensure:

    1. you are cared for – politely and respectfully by kind and helpful staff, who have taken the time to listen to you and keep you informed at every step
    2. you are safe – in clean and comfortable facilities, with highly professional teams who work together to make sure you are in safe hands
    3. you are confident in your treatment – provided by well-trained, skilled and compassionate teams, who involve you in your care and appreciate the value of your time

    Our values:

    1. caring and helpful
    2. safe and vigilant
    3. clinically excellent
    4. accountable and reliable
    5. best use of time and resources



    We will ensure that they receive the benefits of modern medicine through the provision of qualified personnel and appropriate technology, which assuring efficient use of resources. The loyalty, enthusiasm and high sprit of employees are recognized as being essential to fulfill our mission.