• NIMCH Pharmacy (retail)

    The core functions of our Pharmacy include dispensing medications to outpatients, managing medication supply to the various departments in the hospital including inpatients, as well as to provide pharmaceutical care to patients in our wards.

    In the clinical pharmacy service, our pharmacists review our patients’ medication therapy to ensure that they receive safe and effective treatment. Our pharmacists also provide medication counseling, e.g. on the usage of inhalers, warfarin and anti-tuberculosis medications, amongst others. In addition, our medications are supplied to the various wards via electronic drug dispensing cabinets that enhance medication safety. We also support the Clinical Research Centre in pharmaceutical clinical trials.

    The Pharmacy strictly adheres to stringent storage requirements, monitoring processes and procedures. This is to ensure that we provide our patients with high quality medications at all times.

    We are also equipped with a Ministry of Health certified clean room, where we prepare chemotherapy medications for cancer patients. Our high standards of practice are stringently maintained in the making and supplying of these drugs for the safety of our patients and staffs.

    For the convenience of our patients, the Pharmacy is located on the Ground Floor.