• Academic Administration & Division

    College Administration & Academic Division


    College Administration

    The Principal is the Executive Head. On academic aspects he will be advised by the academic council.


    Academic Council

    The functions of the academic council are to discuss and make recommendation for maintaining a good academic atmosphere of the college.

    Academic Council Meeting at College Principal’s Room


    Chairman: Principal

    Members: Director, Northern International Medical College Hospital

    • Vice-Principal, Northern International Medical College Hospital
    • Head of the Department of Anatomy
    • Head of the Department of Physiology
    • Head of the Department of Biochemistry
    • Head of the Department of Pharmacology
    • Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine
    • Head of the Department of Pathology
    • Head of the Department of Microbiology
    • Head of the Department of Community Medicine
    • Head of the Department of Medicine
    • Head of the Department of Surgery
    • Head of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

                     All Professors


    Disciplinary Council

    The function of the disciplinary council is to maintain the law and order’s situation of the college:

            Chairman: Principal

            Members: All Professors including all heads of department director of the Hospital


    Teacher –Students Committee

     Committee is formed by the Academic Council at the beginning of each academic session.02 (two) students from each batch will be selected based on their merit.


    Guardians Participation

    Guardians’ advice on college affair is welcome.


    Subjects of Examinations

    Written: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General knowledge & English (HSC/ equivalent standard).

    Eligibility: To take part in admission test the candidate must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in HSC course Eligibility for Admission is determined as per rules laid by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.


    Cafeteria and Canteen

    College possess a nice cafeteria students may avail cafeteria canteen facilities in cheaper rate.


    Extra Curriculum Activities

    Participation by medical students in extra curriculum activities is mandatory, these activities not only provide welcome relief from the arduous and monotonous training schedule but also help ignite leadership qualities among students and enhance their physical, intellectual, moral and ethical development.


    Academic Division          

    Academic division is responsible for teaching medical students in accordance with the curriculum laid down by Bangladesh Medical and dental Council for MBBS degree from Dhaka University. The teaching doctrine employed by the college is based on the principle that provides a structured process of institutional teaching, which combines continuity and candor with an absolute obsession for perfection. The aim being to transform every medical student into medical men and women of advanced knowledge and expertise capable of matching the challenge of 21st century in terms of handing suffering humanity.