• Academic Activities


    Every student is required to attend punctually at the hours notified for lecture, practical classes and for Bed-Side clinical teachings in the wards of the Hospital.



    The students are allowed to sit for the examination if they are eligible and must have 75% attendance as per University regulation.



    College Vacation will usually be notified by the Principal as and when necessary.



    1. Students are required to observe order and quietness at all times in the Medical College & Hospital
    2. No games of any sort other than in-door games will be allowed during college hours in students common room
    3. Copies books and records maintained by students will be checked by respective teachers. Unless the teacher is satisfied about their correctness and up to date maintenance the student may not be allowed to sit for the examination.


    Method of Teaching;

    2. Tutorial classes
    3. Practical classes
    4. Including dissection of dead body
    5. Laboratory work
    6. Experimental classes
    7. Bed-side teaching
    8. Group discussing

    Conferences e.g. Clinic Pathological Conference. Clinical meetings. Symposiums and Seminars.


    Student Teaching

    All ASSISTANT Professor, Associate Professor and Professors teach students who are placed in the wards everyday in the morning. Students are placed in small groups. Student teaching in the Morning is primarily done by Faculty Members. Registrars teach students in the evening session. Students are required to complete the it cards and other assessment criteria before being allowed to take the MBBS final professional examinations.


    Journal Club

    Journal club meeting is held in Clinical departments once papers are read by the members of the Faculty, interns and junior doctors take part and important journals are regularly covered.



    Seminars and clinical meeting are held on a regular basis. Presentations are made by distinguished speakers from the college from other medical institutions in Bangladesh and outside the country


    Morning Session

    Daily discussion meetings are held every morning in the clinical departments with interns. Assistant Registrars and faculty members interesting cases that were admitted the previous day are presented in detail by the interns and the Assistant Registrars along with the consultant on call for the day. Symptoms, physical signs, diagnosis, investigations like X-rays, ECG and laboratory tests are discussed in detail along with management plans. The Morning Session is well attended and is an excellent teaching and learning session for all.