• Student Life in Dhaka


    Dhaka is one of the fastest growing cities of Asia. This bustling metropolitan city has something to offer for everyone. Typifying the signature hospitality of the Bangali culture, Dhaka is an amazing amalgamation of the tradition of the classical Bangali history and the modern prosperity that Bangladesh aspires to achieve. Dhaka has uncountable historical monuments and mosques, especially in the Old Dhaka part of the city. While Old Dhaka is the nostalgic reminder of the glorious past, areas such as Gulshan, Banani, Uttara and Dhanmondi represents the modern development of the 21st century.  


    Northern International Medical College is situated in the heart of Dhaka, Dhanmondi. Dhanmondi is the home for a number of well reputed Universities, hence it has a lot of amenities and attractions for students. Dhanmondi has some of the best restaurants in Dhaka. Satmasjid Road, has become an exclusive hub of restaurants and shopping malls. Only a mere ten minutes’ walk from Northern International Medical College is Rifles Square, which has the famous Shimanto Square, an extremely popular food court for students. This popular hangout and dining spot attracts thousands of students every day from the nearby universities and colleges. Dhanmondi also has several well-known international fast food chains such as Nandos, KFC and Pizza Hut.


    Dhanmondi also has numerous cultural attractions like Drik gallery and Café, Robindro Shoroni, Nazrul Institute and many other arts galleries. There are also numerous international cultural centers around Dhanmondi like Alliance Francis, British Council, Russian Cultural Center, EMK Center (US Embassy affiliated).


    Dhanmondi Lake is one of the biggest public lake and park of the city. It is frequently visited by students in order relax and hang out after classes. Dhanmondi also has a number of sports venues and complexes including Sheikh Kamal Sports Complex (less than a mile away from Northern International Medical College), Sultana Kamal Mohila Complex and Kalabagan Field. These are also frequently visited by students.


    Many of the international students of Northern International Medical College choose to live in Dhanmondi because of the proximity to the University and the fact that Dhanmondi is one of the best neighborhoods of Dhaka.


     The city of Dhaka is a large metropolis which is home to more than 15 million people, a significant number of whom are students. International students who live here often falls in love with the culture, food, hospitality and the laid-back style of the city. The people of Dhaka are extremely welcoming of foreign students.