• Academic Facilities

    Facilities for Training

    Teaching Staff

    All departments have well qualified members in their teaching staff, trained in Bangladesh, United Kingdom, United States and other countries.

    The Management and the Teaching staff are highly motivated and sincerely interested in optimal patient care and in the teaching of medical students and junior doctors. Excellent and intensive supervision is provided to them.



    This consists of non-paying male and female beds, paying beds and cabins for patients to be admitted. The college and hospital have a well organized system of interns. Assistant Registrars and Registrars are in training positions. Admission of patients covers a wide range of pathology giving excellent exposure for training of students. All admissions are covered by Associate Professors and above Morning and evening rounds as well as weekend rounds are conducted by them on a regular basis in addition they come to the hospital when they are called even during odd hours. Patient care is supported by adequate radiology and pathology services for investigations.



    The hospital has a busy outpatient’s departments, patients may obtain consultation at a minimum charge. There is also a first track system through which patients may be seen by a consultant of choice. Immediately, on payment of a higher charge. there is an evening shift that starts at 3 pm and is open till 9pm on all working days.



    The hospital has fully functioning emergency department that provides coverage during the evening, night and during holidays. It has its own set of doctors who are free to seek help from other services.


    College accommodation

    The college has a modern multistoried building which accommodates all the departments required for MBBS course. There are adequate amenities for lecture, tutorial and practical classes of various subjects. Besides, there is provision for accommodations of seminar, symposium and other activities.



    The college has a fully air-conditioned rich library with a congenial environment. There is a collection of huge numbers of text and reference books. The books are of latest edition ang high quality and suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


    Medical education unit(MEU)

    Facilities for training of the teachers are available.

    Audio- Visual equipments

    Class rooms are well equipped with modern Audio- Visual appliances.  The college has its own computer internet, e-mail, and web site and intercom facilities.



    The college has 380 bedded well equipped hospital with al modern facilities. It has the arrangements for providing training to the students and internee doctors.


    Facilities Available in the college:

    Medical education unit with modern equipment’s.

    Common rooms for male and Female Students.


    Teaching Methods

    The medium of teaching is English. Teaching will be imparted to the students through lectures, demonstration, tutorials, ward, clinics, practical classes and field visits. periodic clinical meetings, seminars are held on specific topics.


    Students attendance

    The student’s attendance is recorded. The guardians are informed of their wards attendance periodically.


    Students’ assessments

    Students assessments is made through periodic class examinations (written, Oral, and practical, card completion and clinical examinations OSCE& OSPE) a per BM&DC course curriculum.